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Green and Purple Abstract

and Parenting

Many children, adults, and their families encounter challenges navigating complex daily interactions. Through a combination of expert guidance, individualized strategies, and a supportive partnership, we will help your family to build key skills. This holistic approach also helps to improve communication, manage relationships, and develop strategies to assist youth and parents. With these tools you can create an environment for the whole family to thrive.


General Counseling (Psychoeducation)

Psychoeducation empowers parents, caregivers and the child themselves with a wealth of knowledge about their disability and strategies to assist them with overcoming these obstacles. When everyone involved understands the condition, they can collaborate to achieve better outcomes and to support your child’s development. This counseling equips the family with coping strategies to support your child’s emotional well-being. Many psychological disorders are chronic conditions which require ongoing management, and this service provides you with the resources necessary to long term success.

Parenting (Behaviour Management)

In addition to psychological disorders, children often face challenges with behaviours in school, home, and other settings. These difficulties can be addressed through evidence-based strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of each child. Such strategies also assist parents to understand the factors contributing to these challenges. The focus of these sessions is to build a positive and nurturing relationship which can enhance communication, trust, and the emotional well-being of everyone involved. Learning communication techniques promotes cooperation and can reduce conflicts and behavioural issues. Parents will also learn coping strategies to reduce stress and emotional fatigue to the benefit of the mental health of the whole family. Counseling can establish a foundation for years of successful positive behaviour development and improved family dynamics.

Executive Functioning Skills Training

Executive functioning skills are a set of cognitive processes that help individuals manage their thoughts, behaviours, and emotions to achieve goals and effectively adapt to changing situations. These skills are essential for planning, organizing, problem-solving, and regulating behaviour. Academic success is also reliant on these skills as they enable a student to stay focused, complete assignments on time, and manage projects effectively. Children who develop these skills are better able to control their impulses and emotions, manage stress, and engage in more thoughtful and appropriate behaviour. These sessions will help develop these skills within your child which will positively impact their learning and overall performance in school and in other endeavors.

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